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Translational Music

Translational Music meets Bioginnastica - Video Course

Translational Music meets Bioginnastica - Video Course

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... have you ever experienced music in the body? ...


Translational Music by Emiliano Toso and La Bioginnastica by Stefania Tronconi come together in a unique path where the individual Knows himself, takes Awareness of his emotions and Consciousness of the tools of the body for his own balance and vitality.
An active and interactive laboratory:
silence, emptiness and listening.
The rhythm of breathing in the body.
Resonance: high and low notes are the frequencies of movement in the spinal column.

Frequencies and brain waves: vitality and relaxation.
The 432hz piano notes for the harmonization of the movement.

You will receive 2 videos where you will find:

- a video lesson (didactic lesson) of about 1h where Stefania will show you all the theoretical part so that you can experience the moment of practice in full awareness

- the registration of the event held on June 21st with Emiliano and Stefania (practical lesson) who will accompany you in the real experience that you can experience on yourself.

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