Emiliano Toso

Molecular Biologist and Musician Composer

I compose, play and record my music mainly on the piano tuned to 432Hz.
I graduated in Biological Sciences in 1998, and in 2008 I obtained a PhD in Human Biology at the University of Turin. My career as a Man of Science led me to work for 16 years as an associate director in charge of the Molecular Biology group at an International Biomedical Research Institute, where I contributed to the setting up of FDA and EMA approved methods. I joined my activity as a scientific researcher with a personal growth path in which Music has become one of the main ingredients: so, in 2013, I decided to turn my life upside down by realizing a dream: the recording of my first album "Translational Music ", with which I inaugurate my integration project between Biology and Music at 432Hz.

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Translational Music

"Translational Music" is my way of translating the emotions that I live at a deep level into a higher plane, that of Music. The music I compose is dictated by the emotional states I experience and is played on acoustic instruments tuned to 432Hz. Resounding, the vibrations of my emotions spread through a universal language until they reach other cells, other people, the whole of Humanity; the goal of my Music is to give well-being and get us closer to our Soul.

"Suddenly Life transports you to a new dimension where you can combine your greatest passions, Biology and Music, to create something magical for You and for Humanity."

Emiliano talks about himself and presents Translational Music

Since the dawn of time, music has accompanied the evolution of the human being.

From cellular communication to the sounds emitted by the Stars, the dynamic sound vibrations represent a Universal language capable of uniting Science, Art and Spirituality.

Emiliano Toso e Translational Music: composizioni e musica per pianoforte a 432Hz #musicamedicina

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I am a cell biologist very close to the new health perspectives offered by the studies of Epigenetics, that being the science which studies the ways our thoughts ultimately shape who we are.

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