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Translational Music

In questo Luogo di Stelle (Double CD)

In questo Luogo di Stelle (Double CD)

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2 CDs
22 tracks + 3 meditations with Cristiana Caria

Through the album In questo luogo di stelle born from the meeting of Cristiana Caria and Emiliano Toso we want to establish a bond that unites modern sciences with ancient Hebrew letters.



What is the raw material of Creation? Why are we made of stars and what does it mean that each of us is a star?

Since ancient times, the question that the human being has asked himself was aimed at understanding the meaning of life, of his presence on Earth, with the aim of understanding whether there was a " mission " to which he was called.


Science today states that we are made of stardust , that is, that the fundamental elements of life on Earth, defined as the building blocks of Creation (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen), derive from the nucleus-synthesis processes of the stars.

Ancient traditions tell us that the Hebrew Letters are the building blocks or energies / intelligences with which God created the Universe , and that their three fundamental qualities - sound, form (symbol) and number - represent different levels of the manifestation of the universe. thought of the Creator. For this reason, according to the ancient teachings, they have been associated with the planets, the zodiacal constellations, the tarot cards, the paths of Kabbalah, etc.

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