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Translational Music

La Danza della Vita

La Danza della Vita

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Piano, Cello and Violin
Duration: 73'14 "
11 tracks

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"The research and experimentation work contained in this project stems from the desire to bring together Art, Science and Spirituality to tell this ecstatic dance where everything has a meaning, a perfection and its own intelligence.
I am convinced that by returning to live this ancient Union, we can experience the inner Peace that allows us to let ourselves be lulled by the wonderful Dance of Life, in which we are all protagonists the moment we are born.

Now, close your eyes and let life happen. Be a spectator for a moment, and then dance in the circle where 432Hz Music embraces Epigenetics.

Are you ready to dance? Now I'll play for you ... "

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La Danza della Vita

"It is an honor for me to present Emiliano Toso's" La Danza della Vita ", a complete and intimate experience that produces an inner journey of healing and transformation. Science reveals that music involves the emotional circuit of our brain which can reverse the damaging effects of stress, the main contributing factor up to 90% of the disease. This beautiful collection of serene soundscapes by Emiliano offers a powerful stress-reducing environment that lowers EEG brain frequencies and expresses itself at the cellular level as a feeling of inner warmth, harmony and relaxation. The Soul Music of La Danza della Vita is a powerful prescription to restore health, fill your heart and rekindle your passion for life. "

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, cell biologist and author of the bestselling "The Biology of Beliefs", "Spontaneous Evolution" (with Steve Bhaerman) and the "Honeymoon Effect".


The watercolors of The Dance of Life