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Translational Music

The Magic of Gift (3 CD Box)

The Magic of Gift (3 CD Box)

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Piano, cello, violin
Duration: 200 '
Contains individually packaged Translational Music, Wingprinting and Danza della Vita CDs
Each box contains a small different watercolor

The miracle of birth and the new biology, the alchemy of colors and the secret of movement, giving and giving oneself the wish of a new life.

The three CDs contained in the box are individually packaged.




The miracle of birth and the new biology, the alchemy of colors and the secret of movement, giving and giving oneself the wish of a new life.

Art and Science intertwine between the notes of Emiliano Toso's piano and the music chosen by Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Dr. Franco Berrino and numerous research institutes, wellness operators and hospitals: Translational Music.

Biology in music in Translational Music, the miracle of life and birth engraved in Wingprinting and the energy of movement engraved in La Danza Della Vita.

A precious box that with over 3 and a half hours of acoustic music at 432hz, will wrap your soul and touch your cells to bring you back to a deep state of peace, creativity and gratitude.

Piano, Violin, Cello, Double Bass tuned at 432Hz to resonate with the beat of your heart.

The Magic Gift Box contains 3 individually wrapped CDs and a watercolor :


When we experience a particular emotion, each of our cells filters and perceives vibrations that are reflected on the state of the whole body. Each day these vibrations interact with biochemical messengers that orchestrate our conscious and unconscious activities. Their action is not limited to the personal sphere but reaches the expression of groups, communities and societies with dynamics that have developed over millions of years to support and help human beings in their own evolution.

In the passages of this CD I have translated these waves of energy into simple melodies that invaded my Heart and Soul while I was experiencing particular situations: feelings of deep gratitude, bitterness or melancholy, healing treatments or the presence of certain forms of energy such as colors, crystals or simply water.

Cd2) WINGPRINTING Piano, Cello, Violin © 2015

Listen to this CD and perceive the melodies that resonate with the deeper levels of the subconscious in the different moments before birth: from the sparkle in the eyes of the parents who live the honeymoon, to the emotions experienced by the mother who becomes aware of her baby. ; from the miracle of conception to the delicate moment of childbirth; from the protection of the Amethyst when the Spirit decides to feel sensations by experiencing a body, to the symphony of vibrations that create the organ of the Heart ... The moment of conception - both mental and physical - and the period of prenatal life are the most important pieces of the entire human evolution as they represent the substratum against which the imminent earthly existence is modeled. The first real sensory experience takes place in the intrauterine environment: refined and peculiar information which, deposited, will determine most of the choices in adult life.

Sound and music are powerful means that enter into communication with the most intimate part of our being: during gestation they provide the mother with consistent and harmonious good vibrations able to counteract the effects of stress and give the baby a favorable environment that contributes to create the foundations of his well-being.

Cd3) LA DANZA DELLA VITA Piano, Cello, Violin, Double Bass © 2017

Life is transformation, it is the eternal becoming where every manifestation of it generates vibrations.

Vibration is movement, matter, perfume, sound. It is the secret where Music and Biology meet in The Dance of Life. A dance from which everything originates and where, as the cells of our organism reflect the system of the planets, the small reflects the large.

In many years spent in the laboratory studying the world of cells, I have had the opportunity to realize in scientific terms how much each of us in its particularity is similar to a cell of a great organism that is Humanity, a note in a great Symphony.

The research and experimentation work contained in this project stems from the desire to bring together Art, Science and Spirituality to tell this ecstatic dance where everything has a meaning, a perfection and its own intelligence.

I am convinced that by returning to live this ancient Union, we can experience the inner Peace that allows us to let ourselves be lulled by the wonderful Dance of Life, in which we are all protagonists the moment we are born.

Now, close your eyes and let life happen. Be a spectator for a moment, and then dance in the circle where 432Hz Music embraces Epigenetics. Are you ready to dance? Now I'll play for you ...

Watercolor ) A splendid "still life" reproduction on cotton cardboard of one of the 50 official watercolors of the "Dance of Life" by painter Wilma Camatti


Recognized composer and pianist Emiliano Toso introduces us to one of those albums made to support change at the deepest levels of the subconscious. Translational Music is a soundtrack for a profound journey of transformation that offers the best benefits to your mental state, even after the listening is over.

Music therapy is scientifically proven to promote relaxation and improve health by reversing the damaging effects of chronic stress. Emiliano's serene and enveloping music is a powerful prescription for increasing the activity of the brain's alpha waves, which in turn lower blood pressure, respiratory rate and heart rate while strengthening the immune system.

Take the opportunity to listen to Emiliano Toso's Translational Music because it will fill your heart, restore your soul and revitalize your cells and organs! "

Bruce H. Lipton


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