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Translational Music

L'Albero della Musica

L'Albero della Musica

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2 CDs
Piano solo
Duration: 130 '

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When was the last time you felt life flow inside you? Where did you feel a deep sense of oneness with all things?

Just as a walk in the woods has the power to release tensions, purify emotions and calm the mind, this new album aims to be an engaging immersive experience that can bring you back to the authenticity of the present.

A moment to re-tune with the becoming of the Universe and the breath of Mother Earth. A protected space in which you can grant yourself the privilege of entering the depths of your being and digging, taking root so strong that it can help you support every event in life.

A journey that will lead you to vibrate with the music of your heart, a path in which you will experience duality and then reach a state of union in which there is no boundary between heaven and earth, sun and moon, male and female.

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Official premiere

Let yourself be guided by your heart in this spiritual work that thanks to the touch of Translational Music combines science, art and music to help you overcome duality and root in you the awareness that trees, as well as nature, are not something separate from us. , because we ourselves are nature.

Our distancing ourselves from it has led us to forget the unique and unrepeatable miracle that we are.

Thanks to these 25 new tracks recorded intimately in the House of Music, Emiliano Toso will take you by the hand to tune in with the essential elements that govern the universe, with the stars and with the rhythm of natural cycles and the life that inhabits you.

This is the deeper purpose of music: to tune your inner rhythm with the rhythm of the Universe you are a part of.

In this new journey, Emiliano shares with you, through the simplicity of his piano, the compositions of the last few years that have led him to seek in depth the most intimate vibrations of my Soul.

"This work also celebrates the deep union with my parents. Papa Orazio who helped me to create with great strength and enthusiasm the House of Music where I can express my deepest essence. Mamma Wilma who with her art translates into wonderful watercolors each of my pieces. "
Emiliano Toso

The watercolors of L'Albero della Musica

'Waterlife': Short film with Emiliano Toso and Beatrice Carbone

Water is the cradle of life and represents the treasure that allows life to continue on this planet and in its unpredictability it possesses the calm and care of a mother, the abysmal depth of the earth, the restlessness of the air and the strength of fire.

'Waterlife' wants to be a celebration of Life thanks to a message of trust, hope and rebirth through Art and Beauty.

Set in the splendid setting of Cà Sagredo and the city of Venice, the short film written and directed by Gabriele Fonseca will see the performance of the new song Waterlife by Emiliano Toso and an enchanting performance by Beatrice Carbone, solo dancer of the Teatro La Scala.