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Translational Music

Love Seeds 5 copies

Love Seeds 5 copies

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In nature, flowers and fruits explain to us how a sound is kept in every little seed: precise information and a strength capable of expressing a specific shape, color, flavor and a precise scent written in the profound codes from which everything originates.


Just as DNA, the Love in which everything and everyone are imbued, can represent the spark to create peace, transformation, health, creativity and the joy of living in very different situations and terrains.


My intent through this CD is to nourish every seed of the Earth in my way so that love can spread quickly all over the world to those who are suffering, to those who are waiting, to those who are committing their lives to the expression of their own. deeper nature.



Thirteen songs dedicated to the eternal child who within us allows us to marvel at life, because infinite gifts are kept within us, infinite seeds that only if we know how to give ourselves will be able to sprout and become in the miracle of Life. Accompanied by Kinesina, a protein that walks on the microtubules of each of our cells to carry important growth factors, we begin a journey that will allow us to create, nourish and germinate the seeds of love. These compositions will reach children in families, schools and hospitals; they will come to lonely people who are looking for a travel companion for their intense transformation; they will reach every country on earth and every organ of humanity. They will be the soundtrack of millions of drawings that the stars project on this Earth to explode in paths of gratitude.

Will you be a caterpillar or a butterfly on this journey deep inside your heart?

Will you be able to lighten your heart to rediscover your talents and give your precious and unique drop of potential to the ocean of humanity?

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