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Translational Music

Translational Guitar - Emiliano Toso and Nicola Boschetti

Translational Guitar - Emiliano Toso and Nicola Boschetti

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Guitars and piano
12 tracks
Duration: 50 '

From the union of Biology and Music in tune at 432Hz, Translational Music was born in 2014, a project conceived by the cellular biologist and musician composer Emiliano Toso to translate the emotions experienced at a deep, cellular level into a higher level, that of music.

Thanks to the public's enthusiasm and record success as well as the application of Translational Music in many theaters, hospitals, universities and study and research centers, the project gives life to reinterpretations of Emiliano Toso's compositions in a completely new key.

In Translational Guitar the protagonist will be the acoustic guitar tuned at 432hz Sweet and soft melodies interpreted by Nicola Boschetti which, retracing the most loved songs and the new compositions by Emiliano Toso, will take you into a deep state of silence, peace, relaxation and gratitude.


Emiliano Toso , musician, composer and cellular biologist disciple of Bruce Lipton, has for some years been dedicated to the study of the effects of music on health, as an integration and support to traditional medicine. His music promotes states of relaxation, reduces stress levels and increases attention and creativity; it is used by hospitals, schools, yoga, health and wellness centers, international scientists and working groups in the fields of health, pregnancy and maternity. In recent months, Emiliano has been bringing his concert conferences to the world and collaborates with international scholars and operators, such as Deepak Chopra, Thomas Torelli, Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsch.


Nicola Boschetti , an Italian guitarist and composer. Over the years he has attended seminars held by internationally renowned musicians including Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson, John Stowell, Pat Metheny. Recently he has perfected the fingerstyle technique, studying with Giorgio Verderosa and participating in workshops with Tommy Emmanuel, Don Ross, Gabor Lesko, Franco Morone. His style is characterized by the search for an innovative language and a sound that makes use of a careful use of loops and effects, in total respect of the purity of the natural sound of the instrument, in order to give his interpretations a touch of elegance. and intensity. He was a teacher at the Centro Studi Musicali school in Biella, as well as a teacher of acoustic guitar, fingerstyle and jazz at the Popular University of Biella.




01 Kinesina 00:04:14

02 Malachite 00:03:36

03 Yellow 00:03:44

04 Pure Love 00:02:53

05: Gratitude 00:06:33

06 Father and Daughter healing 00:02:54

07 Celebration 00:02:45

08 Portait 00:02:12

09 Lapis Lazuli 00:08:13 (NEW)

10 Turner 00:06:01 (NEW)

11 Falling 00:03:33 (NEW NICOLA)

12  Incontrarsi 00:03:09 (NEW)


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