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Translational Music

Translational Music 5 copies

Translational Music 5 copies

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Listen to your cells feeling emotions
Piano, 432Hz tuning, 13 compositions

When we experience a particular emotion, each of our cells filters and perceives vibrations that are reflected on the state of the whole body.
Each day these vibrations interact with biochemical messengers who orchestrate our conscious and unconscious activities. Their action is not limited to the personal sphere but reaches the expression of groups, communities and societies with dynamics that have developed over millions of years to support and help human beings in their own evolution.

In the passages of this CD I have translated these waves of energy into simple melodies that invaded my Heart and Soul while I was experiencing particular situations: feelings of deep gratitude, bitterness or melancholy, healing treatments or the presence of certain forms of energy such as colors, crystals or simply water.

The translation into music of these universal vibrations can help to understand and improve the state of well-being and cooperation at different levels of complexity and organization: cell, man, humanity… and bring us closer to our Soul.



"Recognized composer and pianist Emiliano Toso introduces us to one of those albums made to support change at the deepest levels of the subconscious. Translational Music is a soundtrack for a profound journey of transformation that offers the best benefits to your mental state, too. after the end of listening.
Music therapy is scientifically proven to promote relaxation and improve health by reversing the damaging effects of chronic stress. Emiliano's serene and enveloping music is a powerful prescription for increasing the activity of the brain's alpha waves, which in turn lower blood pressure, respiratory rate and heart rate while strengthening the immune system.
Take the opportunity to listen to Emiliano Toso's Translational Music because it will fill your heart, restore your soul and revitalize your cells and organs! "

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Cell Biologist, Author of the Bestselling The Biology of Beliefs.

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