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Translational Music



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Piano and Cello
Duration: 79'47 ''
12 tracks

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Listen to this CD and hear the melodies that resonate with the deeper levels of the subconscious in the different moments before birth: from the sparkle in the eyes of parents who are experiencing the honeymoon, to the emotions experienced by the mother who becomes aware of her child; from the miracle of conception to the delicate moment of childbirth; from the protection of the Amethyst when the Spirit decides to feel sensations by experiencing a body, to the symphony of vibrations that create the organ of the Heart ...

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Have you ever listened to the sound of Life?

The melodies of 'Wingprinting', thanks to Translational Music, resonate with the cell membrane and create the possibility of perceiving and experiencing the 'freedom to go beyond one's beliefs'; the freedom to fly beyond imprints that limit personal power to fully express one's potential.

'Wingprinting' is dedicated to future mothers and fathers, new babies and anyone who wants to have support to transform their life.

In keeping with the epigenetic studies and research conducted by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton and the collaboration born in 2013, these new compositions resonate with the most intimate elements of our cells, tissues and bodies during the processes of birth and rebirth: a tool to create the best conditions for Humanity so that it is ready to climb the next step of the evolutionary ladder to fully re-live Love, Cooperation, Happiness and Joy!

“Wingprinting is a project created to support the highest evolution of a New Life: a newborn who is experiencing the sensations for the first time in his mother's womb; an individual who is being reborn and preparing to fly like a butterfly beyond his old beliefs ... to become another soul contributing to the future of Humanity ready to take the evolutionary leap to experience a life in the light and joy of 'Love! Thank you so much for the beautiful music you give to our planet! Wingprinting is a beautiful and healthy tool for a human soul that wants to be reborn. I deeply appreciate your wonderful efforts in helping parents who consciously live the role of teachers who shape the future of their children, who, in turn, will create the future of our entire civilization. In this regard, I thank you for your support for the evolutionary message that I have been providing over the past decade. "
Bruce H. Lipton


Wingprinting watercolors